The Golden Glove Fight Night

The Golden Glove Fight Night


22 Sets of gloves were up for grabs for the winners of the money can’t buy accolade, with 49 fighters across Stealth Coalville , Stealth Hathern, Crown Kickboxing and MC Kickboxing academies stepping into the ring. 


The youngsters 6oz challenge kicked it off with 6 year old Frankie Bardsley in his very first fight which saw Ollie Summervile taking the first victory for team Crown in a strong first bout. 

In stealth Vs stealth Ben Elgey took his first win against Marco Evans in their first battle together. Both showing good discipline and skills from the two small boys. 

In an evenly matched contest Stealth’s  Kaysen Jones and Finley Mansfield went at it. Both using cracking head kicks and punch combos. The 6 and 8 year old boys were full of energy and overwhelming excitement for their first light con bout. In a split decision Kaysen took the victory and the gloves for team stealth with both boys wanting to go again!

Luis Stone and Keigan Fearn from Stealth stepped in with Logan Meridith from Crown in the initial 3 way round robin of the evening. The contest was as close as could be between all three showing a superb display of skill but it was ultimately Luis kicking combinations that drove him to victory to finish the 6oz challenge with a Golden Glove for team Stealth. 

Another 3 way round robin began the 8oz challenge. Faith Summervile from Crown followed her brothers footsteps with a dominating win over both Eva Brailsford and Lucy Conway. All three girls showed superb heart and technique in a well matched challenge which saw Lucy take 3rd, Eva 2nd and Faith finishing 1st place. 

Emeilia Brailsford brought the victory back to team stealth in her first ever fight against Olivia Hughes with both fighters showing great kicking ability and considerate combat, ending in the gloves coming to Emeilia by withdrawal in the second round. 

Finlay Warren and Evan Foulger from Stealth battled with Evan West from Crown in another 3 way bout. With some good hand combinations from all three fighters, Evan West claimed victory over the two Stealth contenders with Finlay coming in 2nd and Evan Foulger in 3rd. 

In an all Stealth 3 way Jacob Johnstone took on Oliver Kirk and William Osborne in a superb intermediate fight. 

All fighters hit their combinations with ease but Jacob rose to victory with high energy skill and showed great consideration to his fellow fighters as he took his win with controlled ability and grace. 

The energy went up a level with Charlie Davidson from crown taking on Jake Kerr from Stealth. In the most energetic fight of the night so far Charlie took the win in a superbly even fight which saw both fighters hug it out in mutual admiration. 

Stealth's Lucca Evans and Charlie Skinner finished the 8oz challenge with a wonderful match from two mid level martial artists. The call was to the wire in a balanced fight to the end which saw Lucca tip the scales in the second round to take the win and bring the gloves home. 

The 10oz challenge went off with a bang in a 3 way battle between Stealths Liam Cadel and Simon Kondrat against Crowns Jamie Rogers. All three fighters took a victory ending the rounds in a dead heat! A 3rd round fight off took place which saw some superb kicking combos from Liam Cadel and great heart from Simon Kondrat, but Jamie Rogers taking first place with a display of technical skill to secure the win. Liam coming in close second and Simon taking the bronze. 

Rowan West and Jacob Twyford from team stealth were next to take to the ring. An evenly matched fight saw some impressive and sharp movements between both fighters. Rowan took the victory with his fast pace combos in a well matched bout between the two young men. 

The heat turned up again with the next fight off between Stealths Alex Darii and Will Robson. The lads took it up a notch from the get go with both fighters in a campaign that saw the crowd in a frenzy cheering on the lads. The two put their all into both rounds with the golden gloves being awarded to Alex after a fantastic contest between the two boys. 

As we moved into the adults fights Sam Twyford of Stealth stepped up against Michael Carter of MC. Michael fought with heart and skill but was surpassed by Sam’s controlled aggressive style seeing him to victory across the board. 

The ladies came out for the first adult bouts with Stealths Bobbie Plant and Bethany Botterill going head to head. There was nothing in it after two rounds with both fighters on an even score at the end of the two rounds. Equal in style and passion they headed into the final round with Bobbie just tipping the scales with some dominant kicks to claim the gloves in a very close victory. 

In a rematch from last July Stealth’s Callum Platts and Zak Faulkner took to the ring once again. In what can only be described as one of the best technical fights of the evening so far, both Zak and Callum represented themselves superbly with high level skill and controlled power. 

Callum took a deserved win against ZaK for the gloves with both fighters showing mutual respect in a quality finish to the rounds. 

The battle of the big guns came out with Chris Cooper from Stealth against Fallie Cavanagh from Crown. As the power went up both fighters showed their skill to keep their discipline and carried the clash to a skilled fight off. The battle ended with Chris Cooper taking the win and bringing the gloves home to team Stealth. 

Emily Carver-Harris and Sam Robinson were next to fight it off with a strong display of light con fighting. Whilst Emily battled well Sam dominated the fight with controlled aggression using her high kicks and combinations to take the win over Emily and the gloves to team Crown. 

Jason Coleman from Stealth and Paul Howard from Crown showed is what it means to stay sharp and controlled in a heavy bout between experienced gentlemen in their contest. Both fighters showing fast hands combos in a well matched fight with Paul claiming victory for team Crown. 

Charlie Harvy-Smyth and Sem Lankhorst came in for the beginning of the final 3 bouts of the night. 

Both fighters took the level up and pushed the fight. In high adrenaline Sem kept his cool and took victory over Charlie by holding his discipline in a worthy win for team MC and taking the gloves home. 

In the final two fights of the evening team Stealths brothers Jack and Ben Bromley took on MC’s Oliver Newman and Brad Huntingdon-edwards. 

The atmosphere in the arena was electric as the fights went under way. 

Jack and Oliver took light con to a new level of adrenaline with both fighters giving a display worthy of any top level fighter. 

Ben and Brad fought with equal gumption in effort to claim the win, both fighters pushing for the final win for each team. 

In an epic battle of speed and controlled power Jack Bromley brought home the gloves for team stealth in a close call decision and worthy battle. 

Brad took the final set of gloves in the second round against Ben with both fighters giving it their all in the ultimate bout. 

The night came to a close with 22 winners of the golden gloves gathering together to celebrate their victory across team Stealth, MC and Crown after a fantastic night and huge cheers from the crowd.